Stop Motion Film Studio presentation
Advantages of our studio

Make your shots
even more interesting!

Make your shots even more interesting

Because stop motion takes time to be captured our studio has been thought-out having that aspect in mind. For this reason it is equipped with cool LED Lights which ensure no heat will damage the most fragile elements. Our grid of lights on the ceiling clears off the ground providing the perfect space needed for these meticulous frame-by-frame shots.

Creating complex shots

Throughout experimentation our team has developed the skills and experience needed to ensure a successful result. Besides our Food stylists carefully select the ingredients they work with but also know the best way to manipulate them in order to prolong their visual appearance through time.Adding camera movements to a stop motion shot makes it even more interesting but also more complicated. Our motion control robot memorizes precisely each position and makes it easy for us to successfully accomplish these complex shots.

Infinite possibilities

All our skills
at hand.