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Auzywood is equipped with the latest technological tools to meet all your specific food and cosmetic needs. Pneumatic pistons, conveyor belt, catapults, tanks, solenoid valves and so many other high tech tools are created and handled by our engineers… Special effects are our DNA.

Sfx together with motion control Robot and high speed

Our Robot connected to our high speed camera and synchronized to our efficient existing rigs performs complex camera movements. New specific SFX systems always better performing, more adapted to your project allow the respect of your artistic team’s vision.
Our Phantom Flex camera, which can shoot up to 1000 fps in 4K, opens the world of creation but obliges us to be very precise. Indeed, when shooting in slow motion, nothing can be left to chance, all parameters must be synchronized: SFX, shoot and action. That’s why we are pushing the limits of the special effects. Your audiovisual production gets another dimension.

The high resolution of our various cameras, the large range of our lenses, as well as our personalized rigs bring your images to the next level.

Infinitely Small

SFX, macro shots,
food stylists

For many months our studio has been thinking about going beyond the current visual standards. To progress, you have to invent. This motto comes to life in a new tool and we can say that our level of expertise is at the top of the current productions.

The Macro

At Auzywood we decide to go even further in the imagination and the realization. The combination between macro, our sfx technologies and the dexterity and experience of our food stylists enable us to move forward, go closer to the subject in order to discover its material, textures and unexpected renderings. Our clients’ demands make us progress:

- in food : we either provide a voluptuous, vaporous yogurt, a thicker caramel, a creamy chocolate, a shiny oil or a particularly creamy milk 

– or even in cosmetics a smooth skincare cream, an airy powder, a blooming flower this specific technology brings us to the infinitely small. Your images will therefore have a new dimension. What ever you need, we can achieve it

Make sense

SFX Film Studio is an ideal place to think about and realize your projects. Our imagination doesn’t stop there. In between shoots we keep on experimenting. By combining our tools and our skills, we bring you new answers and possibilities to stand out.

So why restrain your imagination? Our studio offers endless possibilities that can make your projects more successful. Our team is there to guide you and give you quick answers and solutions to your requirements and wishes.

Peace of mind

Hand-crafting workshop
and the tests

You get it, Auzywood is not a studio like any other. Beyond the technological aspects, we have a particular know-how. Moreover, our long experience on numerous shoots has enabled us to identify our customers’ needs. We therefore provide suitable and specific SFX solutions to projects, from the simplest to the most ambitious.

The SFX workshop

One of the needs we have clearly identified is fast response time. We have equipped our studio with a workshop dedicated to special effects. We create and manufacture all tools ourselves: high quality and advanced pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or electrical rigs are created or upgraded such as catapults, smoke machines, conveyor belts… Manufacturing on site makes you save time.


Time is an important factor for your projects, we know it. To go beyond your demands, optimize the shoot, but also comfort you, we always plan tests before filming: rigs, textures are tested and adjusted according to your comments. We then limit the risks or any surprise on the “D” day.


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