Power of SFX
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Rigs, SFX,
know-how and experience

Auzywood is equipped with the latest technological tools to meet all your specific food and cosmetic needs. Pneumatic pistons, conveyor belt, catapults, tanks, solenoid valves and so many other high tech tools are created and handled by our engineers… Special effects are our DNA.

Sfx together with motion control Robot and high speed

Our Robot connected to our high speed camera and synchronized to our efficient existing rigs performs complex camera movements. New specific SFX systems always better performing, more adapted to your project allow the respect of your artistic team’s vision.
Our Phantom Flex camera, which can shoot up to 1000 fps in 4K, opens the world of creation but obliges us to be very precise. Indeed, when shooting in slow motion, nothing can be left to chance, all parameters must be synchronized: SFX, shoot and action. That’s why we are pushing the limits of the special effects. Your audiovisual production gets another dimension.

The high resolution of our various cameras, the large range of our lenses, as well as our personalized rigs bring your images to the next level.

Infinite possibilities

All our skills
at hand.