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Accuracy of the textures

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12 year experience in tabletop shoot, our skill and experience, an experimentation workshop as well as all the technical equipment simply  led us to the beauty film and cosmetic world. We do everything we can to achieve the texture, color and appearance of your cosmetic product and beauty film. Respect for constraints, rigor, perseverance and finally the concern to do well, are our values on a daily basis. Cosmetic Film Studio opens the door to the world of luxury for brands like L’OREAL, DIOR, GUERLAIN, PRADA…

Real flowers

What could be more perfect than a rose petal, an iris anther or a hibiscus stamen? All of these organic elements are fragile. Auzywood knows how to talk to plants so that they give us their privacy. In fact we have developed techniques to protect them from the constraints of shooting and the numerous takes. We are deploying our know-how to reveal and exalt these natural beauties.

Because we are located in the countryside in Auvergne, we are daily invited to observe, approach and study the flora. We then developed the tests on various textures : essences, creams oils, powders… Armed with the motion control robot, the macro lenses and the  high speed cameras, the macro exploration of all these organic elements reveals an extraordinary aesthetic universe. We are happy to bring you to these hitherto untapped territories.

Infinite possibilities

All our skills
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