Welcome to AUZYWOOD.

A new studio

More details in high speed
More details in high speed

Don't be afraid to unleash
your imagination


Among meadows, lakes and woods a door opens. Yes, you have arrived at Auzywood studio.

At first glance it may surprise you. Indeed, our concept is different from what you might have seen elsewhere.

And you will be wondering: but why a studio here? For what  purpose?


Well it’s simple. Our surroundings are an oasis for the creation of your projects : film, advertising, documentary, experimental, …, we have the means to ensure that each concept is taken to the highest level and beyond.

In such an environment your imagination can only be aroused. So let it run free. We will help you make your ideas come true. 


Our studio is equipped with the latest and advanced technologies, high speed cameras, a large range of  specialized lenses, motion control robot, post production workstation everything is at hand for the most complicated and extraordinary shots.

A special effects workshop  allows us to create the tools and rigs and all the means to successfully carry out your project.

Auzywood Studio is located in the countryside, it nevertheless offers fast internet connections and live feedback all over the world. 


Our highly qualified and experienced crew will support you in the different steps of your project : artistic direction, production, lighting, editing, post production … It is in this spirit of sharing and conviviality that we welcome you to achieve your project. 

Did you think you could no longer be surprised? Come through our door, we are happy to introduce you to the studio of the new world. The Auzywood Studio brings together creativity, imagination, experimentation and invention in one place. Go for it!


All our skills
at hand.


All you need
in one place.

Auzywood is a unique place designed to boost your creativity. In the middle of nature, our studio brings you all the technologies to push your bounderies. The peacefulness of this safe place will surely be an advantage to establish new connections and be in harmony with your objectives. We are looking forward to welcoming you. All who experienced it loved it, be the next!